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Academic Growth & Improvement

Our Philosophy:

We believe in high academic standards for all children. We should continually improve and renew our academic program so that all children reach their fullest potential.  Teaching at Swasey should be tied to specific learning goals based on New Hampshire Curriculum Frameworks, SAU 16 curriculum guidelines, and other learning goals deemed relevant by the Swasey School community.

In addition to basic knowledge and academic skills, we should develop the skills (such as critical and analytical thinking) that empower children to pursue learning beyond the classroom. Teachers must understand each child’s unique academic strengths and needs. The school should provide the resources and structure (such as small class size) to support that understanding.

Children learn best in a nurturing environment – a strength of Swasey Central School. We should maintain and strengthen this environment while challenging students to reach high standards. The school should provide learning materials and instructional strategies that are research based, current, and strongly tied to learning objectives. To meet learning objectives as children progress through Swasey School, the administrative and instructional teams should work together to build consistent strategies and programs across grades.

We believe in accountability through assessments of student performance that are efficient, relevant, and appropriate. The most powerful use of assessment is to improve curriculum and instruction so that all children reach high standards.