Community & Curriculum

Responsibilities to Parents

With the goal of building strong partnerships, Swasey Central School’s responsibilities to parents include:

  • inviting them to participate in decision-making
  • clearly explaining what is to be learned and how children are progressing, and
  • assisting parents as they support their children’s learning at home.

Responsibilities to School

Parents’ responsibilities to the school include:

  • making sure children come to school ready to learn
  • actively supporting children’s learning in all parts of their lives.

The school encourages parents to participate in other ways where possible, such as attending school events, participating in decision-making, and volunteering.

Community Relationships

Swasey School has traditionally enjoyed the strong support of the community at large. We should continue to build that relationship by:

  • asking for community opinion
  • answering questions, and
  • encouraging the community to learn about the school’s mission and goals.

We recognize that the school is part of a larger community with many diverse needs.