• The preschool program at Swasey Center School is a community preschool program for children aged 3-5 years old who have both non-specialized (community peers) and specialized learning needs. Students enrolled are to have turned 3 by September 30th. Those students who turn 5 by September 30th are eligible for Kindergarten.
  • Tuition for community peers is $1260 per year. Families are billed at the start of the school year and again in January. Tuition assistance will be considered for families in need. Please contact Ron Kew, Swasey School principal, for approval.
  • All Community peers are to be daytime toilet trained
  • Educating preschoolers in an early childhood setting is consistent with the goal of the NH Department of Education’s Indicator 6: Preschool Children in the General Education Setting”, which commits to educating children with specialized needs in the least restrictive environment.
  • Staff: Amy Latini , teacher, preschool coordinator, Amy Mace (SLP) Joanne Hanson (SLP), OT PT
  • If you are interested in enrolling your children, please contact Karen Ringuette, Preschool Coordinator SAU 16 at 775-8644 or by email at
  • All students are screened using the The Early Screening Inventory-Third Edition and families fill out a parent questionnaire. The purpose is to gather information about their child to best meet their needs when preparing for the upcoming school year. Screenings are not an evaluation and are not used to determine eligibility for special education. If there are concerns that may impact on a student’s learning and education, a formal referral is made to special education.

Parent resources :

Parents and caregivers often ask excellent questions when children are the ages of 3-5 in their development. The following are trusted resources that may assist with guidelines and/or expectations

Developmental Milestones: Ages 3-5

Speech and Language Development Ages 3-4 years

Speech and Language Development Ages 4-5 years