Free Software Used At Swasey Central School:

A package for zipping and unzipping files.

Comparable to PKZip or Winzip.

For PDF viewing and multimedia content you will want to add Adobe Reader for reading PDF files, and include the Flash and Shockwave Players to your web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox.

A package for recording and editing audio.

Note: You will want to include the package called LAME for creating MP3 files.Information for obtaining LAME is included on the web site for Audacity.

A suite of educational games for younger kids.

A program for creating diagrams. Recommend including the Dia Shapes add-on.

Comparable to Microsoft Visio.

A mind or thought mapping tool.

Comparable to Kidspiration.

An educational suite of games for younger kids.

Note: The Windows version is not the complete suite. The Windows version must be purchased to get all the available activities. Even if you choose not to purchase the full package, there are still many educational games included.

A package for editing and creating, and manipulating graphics and pictures.

An enormous amount of tools for such graphics work.

Comparable to Adobe Photoshop.

Information about the applications Google offers.

An educational tool for designing and simulating digital logic circuits, but can also be used to teach logic.

The Mozilla Firefox web browser works well with a lot of the school assignments.

A text to speech program.

Note: There is a free version, and a paid version.

A full fledged office package that contains a word processor, spreadsheets, presentations, and more. Can read and create Microsoft's Office formats and can also create PDFs.

Comparable to Microsoft Office, Lotus Smartsuite, Corel Wordperfect, and other such office packages.

A package to allow programs to create a PDF.

A desktop publishing package.

Comparable to Microsoft's Publisher.

A very kid friendly drawing program.

Note: you will also want the add-on Tux Stamps which can be downloaded from their site.

An educational game that tries to teach kids math as they have fun.

An educational game that tries to teach kids on how to become familiar with a computer keyboard.

A media player that supports many formats and includes the needed tools to playback a video DVD.